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So you’ve landed your first job! Congratulations! Or maybe you’re already on your second or third or…

Well, either way – you’re already looking into bigger and better things. Like more experience. Better pay. A fancy title that comes with more responsibility. Even perks for going full time, like a paid vacation.

But you’re thinking… “where do I start?” This is where I come in.

Hi, my name is Shelley. And I’ve led teams with go-getters just like you for a long time. My experience has taught me that big companies invest a lot of time, money and resources into making bosses better managers, and a lot less in making you a better associate.

So, I’m flipping that around and focusing on YOU. The up-and-comer. The part-timer. The working student. The full-timer that just hasn’t been given a chance.

I’ve taken some of my best advice to my own associates and put it all in one place. introducing “THE JOBS HANDBOOK -  How to get the job. Keep the job. And be promoted."

It’s got the potential to put you on the fast track above your peers. Those naysayers. And to start filling up that empty checking account. So, what are you waiting for?

Rooting for your success,

Shelley Black



In our day, the badge of learning has become our ability to know things, but it is the application of what we come to know that leads to success. This workbook follows along with the HANDBOOK and encourages you to go beyond just reading and into the application of its concepts to produce results!

Here you can dive deep. Answer the questions. And take the assessments.


I'm here to help you! Fill out the CONTACT form below for any work-related or on-the-job questions and I'll pull from submissions for an "advice column." Because we all could use some help sometime. And what helps you could definitely help someone else, too.

You can also submit on Facebook Messenger or Instagram via Direct Message @thejobshandbook.


Thanks for submitting!

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